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Palestine: Celebrating 75 Years of Literature

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

Read Palestinian fiction, poetry, and related literature in weekly meetings with the MEP's Literature Group. The ongoing catastrophe in the Middle East breaks our hearts daily. As part of our mission to explore creative political resistance to oppression, we will read several novels and poems by Palestinian authors.

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Classical Political Economy and Marx’s Critique: Theories of Surplus-Value

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

Following up on the MEP's long-running study group on Marx's Grundrisse, we are now engaged in a close reading of Marx's Theories of Surplus Value (sometimes referred to as Volume 4 of Capital), supplemented by chapters from I.I. Rubin's History of Economic Thought.


The Circulation of Capital: Reading Volume II of Marx’s Capital

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

A weekly study group covering Marx's Capital, Volume II, The Process of Circulation of Capital. In this volume, Marx addresses the question: How can the reproduction of society as a whole take place, if there is no conscious social planning that ensures that all needs are met, in the necessary proportions, such that life can persist and the capitalist relations of production be sustained? We discover the answer, but we also learn of new contradictions and sources of crisis inherent to capitalist society.

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