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Oppression and Resistance in New Chinese and Chinese-American Science Fiction

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

Before Theodore W. Allen turned to his magnum opus, The Invention of the White Race, he drafted an essay "The Kernel and Meaning: A Contribution to a Proletarian Critique of U.S. Historiography." In it, he assessed how the industrial bourgeoisie successfully overturned plantation capital's rule while assuring its own ascendancy over the proletariat. Allen reviewed six commonly held explanations as to why, despite favorable objective conditions, the U.S. left and workers movements failed to establish socialism or even a permanent working-class party. Participants in this group will read and discuss the original, 160-page typescript of Allen's unpublished essay.

Free – $80

Chile’s 9/11: Fifty Years of Literary Resistance

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

Reading group in progress, ending 2/8/24. September 2023 marked fifty years since the overthrow of Salvador Allende's socialist government on September 11, 1973. To honor the struggles and sufferings of the Chilean people, the MEP's Literature Group is reading Chilean writers active before, during, and since the Pinochet dictatorship.

The Fall and Rise of American Finance

The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

In-person event at The People's Forum in NYC featuring Stephen Maher and Scott Aquanno, authors of 'The Fall and Rise of American Finance: From J.P. Morgan to Blackrock.' They insist that financialization has not implied the hollowing out of the "real" economy, the decline of capitalism, or the retreat of the state. Rather, it has served to intensify competitive discipline to maximize profits and the exploitation of labor occurred with the support of an increasingly authoritarian state.

Marx for Cats with Leigh Claire La Berge

Video available on YouTube

“All history is the history of cat struggle.” In "Marx for Cats: A Radical Bestiary," our guest speaker Leigh Clare La Berge follows feline footprints through Western economic history to reveal an animality at the heart of Marxism. By asking what humans and animals owe each other in a moment of ecological crisis, La Berge joins current debates about the need for and possibility of eco-socialism.

Late Fascism: a Conversation With Alberto Toscano

Video available on YouTube

In 'Late Fascism' Alberto Toscano asks, how should we name, map and respond to the present state of affairs where the forces of authoritarianism and reaction seem to have the upper hand? Drawing especially on Black radical and anticolonial theories of fascism, Toscano makes clear the limits of associating fascism primarily with the kinds of political violence experienced in past European regimes. He argues that we should see fascism as a changing process, a threat anchored in racial and colonial capitalism, which continues to evolve in the present day.

Free – $12.00

Reading Science Fiction Politically

On-Line via Zoom You will receive Zoom link by email before the event., NY

The Science and Visionary Fiction reading group reconvenes April 15 for a new Spring season. Watch this space for coming reading selections and use the website contact page for questions and suggestions. *     *     * Join us this winter to read five landmark, award-winning novels, and novellas using science fiction to shine a ... Read more

Hegel for Radicals: The Science of Logic II

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

The MEP's recurring series Hegel for Radicals continues our reading of Hegel's magnum opus, The Science of Logic, Part II. Familiarity with this work greatly aids any reading of Marx's Capital. Alex Steinberg guides participants past the legendary obstacles to understanding this unsurpassed presentation of dialectics. Its depth and systematic structure is without parallel in any other of Hegel's works.

Reading Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks – Spring 2024

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

In this ongoing weekly reading group, we continue to read and learn from Gramsci's Prison Notebooks.  We explore key themes and concepts related to politics and civil society, including race, class and gender, religion, linguistic and other methods of analysis, critical theory, mass media, the arts and cinema, hegemony, and subaltern studies.

Get Tickets Free – $65.00

Trotsky in New York Walking Tour

Socialists and Immigrants in the Lower East Side Join Alex Steinberg for a historical walking tour of Lower Manhattan as we explore some of the places where Leon Trotsky visited and worked during his nine week stay in New York in early 1917. We will explore the culture of the radicalized immigrant communities of Yiddish-speaking ... Read more

Free – $11.00

David McNally: Marx and Colonialism

The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

David McNally joins our 10th anniversary celebration of the MEP with a keynote talk on "Marx and Colonialism: The End of Capital and the Beginning of a Journey."