It Spread Like Wildfire! A Celebration

A Teach-In and support meeting around capital’s new assault against university labor and how faculty and student actions secured a temporary victory.

Spread like Wildfire: Faculty Lockout, Student Walkout. An evening with Members of the LIUFF discussing their struggle and the most recent and egregious attack on Higher Education and how faculty with students have secured a temporary victory.

Join us in a discussion on the fight for academic freedom , equal pay for equal work, and the ongoing struggle of contingent faculty and the omnipresent student debt crisis.

Michael Pelias, LIU Brooklyn
Vidhya Swaminathan, LIU Brooklyn
Melissa Antinori, LIU Brooklyn
Manny Ness
and more to speak

Join The Institute for the Radical Imagination, The Marxist Education Project, Theater or The Oppressed, and other organizations and groups for a night of solidarity with the teaching faculty workers who were locked out of their jobs at Long Island University. Historically, this is the first time that capital has locked out an entire teaching body at a university.

There will be report backs from union members, students and members of the community.

Speakers and other organizational sponsors to add.

We have been one, we shall be all!

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Resistance and Solidarity Across the US-Mexican Border: 1946-2016

A presentation by Gerardo Renique
This presentation will cover the history and political implications of the making of the waves of US-Mexican international policy for contemporary struggles for labor, immigrant and civil rights across at the US-Mexican border region. We will look at the cross-border urban areas that depend on the same water, air and other natural resources, such as the broad expanse of San Diego to Tijuana metropolitan region. Significant consideration will be given to the tensions and contradictions generated by the uneven interdependence of capitalist development in the borderlands; the long history of solidarity, struggle and resistance against racial and capitalist oppression waged by Native Americans, Mexican Americans and the multinational working class in the region; and, the potential of these developments for the political challenges posed by transnational capitalism and globalization in Mexico and the United States.

Gerardo Renique teaches history at the City College of the City University of New York is a frequent contributor to Socialism and Democracy and NACLA: Report on the Americas. His research looks at the political traditions of popular movements in Latin America; race, national identity and state formation in Mexico. He co-directed with Tami Gold the video-documentary Frozen Happiness. Elections, Repression and Hope in Oaxaca, Mexico; and co-authored with G. Katsiaficas “A New Stage of Insurgencies: Latin American Popular Movements, the Gwangju Uprising, and the Occupy Movement” in Socialism and Democracy.

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Greece at the Crossroads

Alex Steinberg
Frank Brenner
George Caffentzis

Live via Skype from Greece, Savas Michael Matsas, Secretary of the Workers Revolutionary Party of Greece

The book, Greece at the Crossroads, concentrates on the fateful year 2015 when for the first time in generations a radical left wing party took power with a promise of ending the vicious austerity regime imposed by the EU.
The year began with euphoria about the victory of Syriza in January, continued through the spring with increasing frustration at the willingness of the new government to make one concession after another and was capped by the referendum of July. The mass mobilizations supporting a NO vote in the referendum were unlike anything seen in Greece in several decades. The landslide victory of the NO promised a historic confrontation with the EU and the capitalist system in general. But Prime Minister Tsipras overnight repudiated the results of the referendum and negotiated the most onerous agreement yet with the EU. The year ended with a series of general strikes against the Syriza government. Those actions continue in the new year.
How to make sense of these developments? What are the implications of the events in Greece for the project of fighting the austerity regime of the EU? Is socialism a viable alternative to austerity?
These are just some of questions that we will deal with in the Panel

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