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Marina Sitrin on Pandemic Solidarity with Colectiva Sembrar

Sat, January 23, 2021 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

$7 – $25

Pandemic Solidarity:
Mutual Aid during the Covid-19 Crisis

edited by Marina Sitrin with Colectiva Sembrar

Marina Sitrin (editor) joins key contributors Eleanor Finley and Lais Gomes Duarte (Colectiva Sembrar) to speak on activist solidarity, horizontalism and autonomy expressed through the constitution of this riveting collection of real-life stories. Chaired by FireWorks series editor — Anitra Nelson (MSSI, University of Melbourne, Australia). Collective

Pandemic Solidarity collects first-hand experiences of people creating their own narratives of solidarity and mutual aid in the time of the global crisis of COVID-19. In times of crisis institutions of power are laid bare and people turn to one another. Underneath the media’s narrative of selfish individualism and runs on supermarkets, we find an opposing story of community and self-sacrifice. Looking at eighteen countries and regions, including India, Rojava, Taiwan, South Africa, Iraq and North America, the personal accounts in the book weave together to create a larger picture, revealing a universality of experience. Moving beyond the present, these stories reveal what an alternative society could look like, and reflect the existing skills and relationships to create it, challenging institutions of power in all their fragility.

This ticket is for admission to the event along with the book with shipping included (US and Puerto Rico only).

Tickets are sliding scale. We do not deny admission to events or classes for an inability to pay. Please write to info@marxedproject for the url of the zoom link to attend if you cannot afford to pay.