Hegel’s Science of Logic

Hegel’s philosophy has had a great influence on much of what has happened in the world since his time (1770 – 1831) and is crucial to understanding much of modern social thought and philosophy as well as to understanding Marxism and the socialist tradition in its varied aspects.

Hegel’s Science of Logic is considered by many the most important and developed of all of Hegel’s works. It is essential for understanding Hegel’s other works and therefore it is essential for understanding the works of Marx and Engels as well. We will discuss in detail the text of roughly the book’s first third, called “The Doctrine of Being”, and how it relates to Hegel’s overall system and European social theory after Hegel, including Hegel’s patriarchy and white-supremacy and their influence on the development of capitalism.

We will be reading the edition of Hegel’s Science of Logic translated by A. V. Miller, and published by Humanity Books. (Arrangements will be made for students who cannot afford to buy a copy of this book which costs about $33 new online.)

RUSSELL DALE is an activist and a philosopher. He teaches philosophy at Lehman College, CUNY. He taught classes on Hegel and various other topics at the now-no-more Brecht Forum for the last five years of that institution’s existence. Russell is also on the Manuscript Collective and Editorial Board of the Marxist journal Science & Society, as well as on the Local Station Board of radio station WBAI, 99.5 FM (wbai.org).

Suggested donation: $95 to $125 or $10 per session
No one turned away for inability to pay

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