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Capitalism: Causes, Conditions, Consequences … and Beyond

Join us for a close reading of Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory which shows how different historical regimes of capitalism have relied on institutional separations between economy and polity, production and social reproduction, and human and non-human nature. Interaction between these domains is periodically readjusted in response to crises and upheavals.

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Red/Green Revolution

At the heart of Wallis’s call to action is the ever-vital debate of capitalism vs. socialism and their relationships to protecting ecological order.... Wallis writes about how the task of establishing a socialist framework may evolve through the convergence of popular struggles – against all forms of oppression – as these have emerged under conditions of crisis.

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Climate Crisis, Climate Justice, Climate Fiction

This study group will examine the dire situations ordinary people confront as climate change and related crises accelerate, and the struggles for climate and environmental justice that are arising to meet these challenges. We will look at such cases as Puerto Rico (Irma-Maria), New York (Sandy), and the Mideast (drought, wars, refugees), through lenses provided by Ashley Dawson, Christian Parenti, and others.

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