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Event Series Marx’s Grundrisse: Notebook VII

Marx’s Grundrisse: Notebook VII

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

An ongoing group conducting a page-by-page reading of Karl Marx's Grundrisse, a work that can be seen as a veritable "laboratory" in which we can observe Marx in the very process of unfolding his dialectical investigation of the movement of capitalist social and economic forms. In 2023 we will be working our way through Notebook VII, the final part of the book that includes the widely discussed "Fragment on Machines."

Free – $90.00

Hegel for Radicals: Part III – Phenomenology of Spirit

Online: Zoom link will be provided to registered participants

A continuation of the Fall 2022 series in which we introduced Hegel’s mysterious book, The Phenomenology of Spirit.  We will make the Phenomenology less mysterious as we go along and try to tease out the revolutionary implications in the thought of Hegel and explain their significance for our time. 

Free – $90.00

Worn Out: Retail Workers vs. Digital Surveillance

Video available on YouTube

Beneath the success of fast fashion, a grimmer story is told by Madison Van Oort in Worn Out: How Retailers Surveil and Exploit Workers in the Digital Age and How Workers Are Fighting Back. Going undercover in two of the world's largest fast fashion stores in New York City, she observed firsthand how data and surveillance shape the lives of the people who do the actual producing and selling.

Free – $12.00