Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society’s Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street
Meet on the steps of Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society is dedicated to exposing the myths of free markets and free trade
while challenging the integrity of Wall Street and their corporate cronies.

Selling the book (published by Autonomedia will be available):
wall street in black & white: fotos & text of an occupier
for those of you who cannot attend visit to purchase Jim’s book

Walking tour (with book peddling) with Jim Costanzo

JIM COSTANZO launched the Aaron Burr Society in the summer of 2008 with performances on Wall Street. This was before the Stock Market Crash that created the International Financial Meltdown which in turn was followed by the Great Recession and the return of strong tendencies towards fascism. As part of the walking tour, Jim will play the People’s Horn and read from his book while commenting on the Common Good & Commonwealth in the context of why Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, the hidden criminality of Wall Street and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Fundraiser for The MEP: $10 / $20 / $30 sliding scale

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Trotsky in New York Walking Tour

With Jim Creegan and Alex Steinberg
Meet in front the main entrance of The Great Hall of Cooper Union, behind the statue of Peter Cooper, East 7th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues
A walking tour benefit for the Marxist Education Project

Q: Where was one of the future leaders of the October Revolution and founder of the Red Army when the Tsar was overthrown in the first (February) Russian Revolution?
A: New York City—living in the Bronx and working for a Russian-language newspaper on the Lower East Side.

Join Alex Steinberg and Jim Creegan for a historical walking tour of Lower Manhattan as we explore some of the places where Leon Trotsky visited and worked during his nine week stay in New York 100 years ago. Trotsky’s sojourn in New York, while brief, had lasting historical significance for both the future of Russia and the United States. We will explore the culture of the radicalized immigrant communities of Yiddish-speaking Jews from Eastern Europe, of German, Russian, Italian and Greek immigrants who supported a thriving socialist movement in New York in 1917. This was a culture that sustained about a dozen foreign language daily newspapers, many of them having a radical socialist political orientation. The Yiddish language Jewish Daily Forward had a daily circulation of 200,000 at the time, rivaling the circulation of the New York Times. It was also a time of increasing ferment and struggle as America entered World War I on April 6, 1917 and Russia’s revolutionary wave was about to explode a few months later.

After beginning at Cooper Union, we will walk to 77 St. Marks Place, where the offices of the Russian language newspaper Novy Mir, were housed in 1917. Here Trotsky and other future Bolshevik leaders worked daily. From there the tour will take a walk to the building of the Jewish Daily Forward in Seward Park, which was the scene of a dramatic confrontation between Trotsky and more conservative socialists. As we walk we will pass by a number of places that were important in understanding the history of the social struggles of immigrants in a New York very different than the city we know today.

Alex Steinberg is an educator who has taught a number of classes with the Marxist Education Project. He wrote a review of the book, Trotsky in New York 1917: A Radical on the Eve of Revolution, by Kenneth D. Ackerman, Counterpoint Press, Berkeley, 2016

Jim Creegan is a participant in the Marxist Education Project, and a student of Marxism and Russian revolutionary history?

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The Manhattanization of Brooklyn: A Walking Tour

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The Manhattanization of Brooklyn: A Walking Tour


Saturday, May 23, meeting between 10-10:30am



We will meet at Hungry Ghost Cafe, at 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, inside the BRIC Arts Media House
Walking and Talking begins at 11am
This is a walking tour to benefit The Marxist Education Project. Please contribute what you can.

Most New Yorkers have little idea how planned their city is. The upscaling of Brooklyn has been on planners’ drawing boards for decades, and over the last decade, their dreams have been coming true. High rises downtown and the gentrication of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and into Bed-Stuy. Doug Henwood leads a Bob Fitch-inspired walking tour hitting all the hotspots and explaining the strategy behind the transformation, and how it fits in with the scheming since the first regional plan of 1929.

Doug Henwood is editor of Left Business Observer, host of Behind the News, and author of Wall Street. He is working on a study of the American ruling class as a rotting social formation.

“The landscape of the city-the propinquity of skyscrapers and slums, of the very rich and the very poor-reflected the kind of hollowed-out society that a FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate)-dominated economy created. Neighborhoods that once housed factories and their workers were either emptied out or gentrified. If you were employed in the FIRE sector, you could do very nicely. If you were employed in one of the elite service industries—advertising, consulting, and the like—that populated those skyscrapers, you could do pretty nicely. Not as nicely as a bond trader or a dealmaker, for sure—but a lot better than the messengers, busboys, and bootblacks that did the scut work for the service aristocracy.”
—From Doug’s tribute to Bob Fitch

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