Forewarned is Forearmed: Graphic Novels in Late Capitalism

Many early literary efforts designated graphic novels depict an apocalyptic future steeped in the corruption and brutality of the post-war corporatist past—the cold war of the 1950s thru the 1980s that developed into the neoliberal order of today. While long forgotten heroes attempt to take back the night and have a world of civility, others strive to plunge the world further into an inevitable fiery demise, one imprinted on the global imagination since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The innocent and marginalized that seem destined to be lost in the history of a world cold to their existence and beyond their ability to affect, would get their days back and the publishing world had an explosion of creative expression by some of the biggest names in comic book history.

The Pulitzer Prize winning Maus by Art Spiegelman, Frank Miller’s gritty The Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore’s prophetic V for Vendetta, Will Eisner’s semi-biographical A Contract with God and the grim post-nuclear When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs are some of the books this forward-looking and exciting 8-week class will read, consider and discuss.

Join comic industry veteran DANIEL HORT as we review these important late 20th Century graphic novels of the past century and look at the future they predict—a future that in many ways is already upon us.

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