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Introduction to Marxism for Women Only

We’ll explore some key concepts about human beings, society and history, and our relationship to the rest of nature. Readings will be short and accessible excerpts from writings by Marx and Engels or later Marxists. In a continuing attempt to increase access for those who have been historically excluded, turned off or silenced by the way this theory is often taught and discussed, we are offering this intro class for women only. Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome.

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Capital, Volume One

Capital remains the fundamental text for understanding how capitalism works. By unraveling the commoditized forms of our interactions with nature and each other, it provides tools to understand capitalism’s astounding innovativeness and productivity, intertwined with growing inequality and misery, alienation, stunting of human potential, and ecological destruction all over the globe.

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Comrade Eli Messinger

The Marxist Education Project lost long-term comrade Eli Messinger today, June 22, 2018.

The published obituary is below. In the middle of obituary are these key sentences: “A tireless activist for a wide range of anti-war, human rights, and revolutionary social change efforts. Eli was a committed fighter with a great sense of humor.”

Eli joined The Marxist Education Collective in 1977 and worked more than tirelessly well into the 1980s. He never gave up interest nor lacked in support of the project to provide non-dogmatic non-sectarian Marxist education to as broad a public as possible. He was instrumental in establishing a Science Task Force at The New York Marxist School and did much to expand our focus on developments in science in classes, forums and other key parts of our curriculum.

All of us at The Marxist Education Project express our sympathy to Eli’s family, many friends and the wide world of comrades he selflessly shared his life with.


Died June 22, 2018, aged 81.Beloved husband of Barbara Barnes. Wonderful father to Daniel [Batya], Miriam [Felicia], Adam [Kira], Benjie [Jamie]. Grandfather of 8, great-grandfather of 2. Survived by sister, Susan Avner, and former wife, Ruth Messinger. Beloved son of Ben and Edna Messinger. Child and adolescent psychiatrist, political activist, Marxist intellectual. Worked for 30 years in child and adolescent psychiatry at Metropolitan Hospital. A tireless activist for a wide range of anti-war, human rights, and revolutionary social change efforts. Eli was a committed fighter with a great sense of humor. Graduated Lafayette College 1955, Harvard Medical School 1959.

Funeral service Tuesday, 12 noon, Plaza Funeral Home, 630 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024. The family will be at 41 W 96th St. (Apt. 3A) Tuesday from 4-7 pm.

Contributions may be made to Perlman Music Program https://perlmanmusicprogram.org/support/support-us, 19 W 69th St., Rm 1101, NY, NY 10023 or the Marxist Education Project https://marxedproject.org/product/donation/

Five Explicit and Implicit Notions of Revolution in Capital, Volume I

It is often said that Capital, Volume I is concerned with the enfoldment of the capital form, with many dialectical twists and turns, but not with revolution. However, such a picture severs Marx the revolutionary from Marx the social theorist. In fact, Capital I can be connected to five different notions of revolution.

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Day 4, Session 4—Approaching Science from the Left

This panel aims to open a conversation among scholars and activists about how scientific knowledge and practice can help point the way forward, as well as about how science is abused in efforts to preserve and extend capitalist power over labor and resources.

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