Unearthing The Grundrisse

An Introduction to the Critique of Political Economy

Part 1: 12 sessions with Gil Gardner

The foundational thought and research for Karl Marx’s Capital is carefully recorded in notes he wrote in 1857-58 during the first global economic crisis. Undiscovered for nearly 50 years and with only a few copies reaching the West from a limited 1939-1940 publication in the USSR, these notes were first published in English as the Grundrisse: An Introduction to the Critique of Political Economy in 1973. The Grundrisse is arguably a bridge that represents a unity between the early, “humanist” writings and the economics that dominated the rest of his life. It thus provides both a unique introduction to his economic work and a deeper understanding of his notion of individual and social liberation.

Gil Gardner has interests in radical prisoner education and political economic analysis. He has taught in, developed and administered college programs and in prisons for 40 years, including initiating Marxist education Colorado’s state prisons. Dr. Gardner’s writing and research includes works on the history of prison industry in the U.S. and he is presently completing an introduction to the works of Marx.

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