A Brief History of Class Warfare

Talk at exhibit with Jim Costanzo / Aaron Burr Society
The Empty Circle Gallery

Curated by Raúl Zamudio

foto, video, letterpress, whiskey still with bottle, Free Money Flags

unending profits a death spiral
climate change
mass extinctions
mass murder
unending war
forced migration
untold wealth
obscene poverty
unrealized dreams
precarious foreclosed

George Washington in front of Federal Hall on Wall Street

Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society’s Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street
Meet on the steps of Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society is dedicated to exposing the myths of free markets and free trade
while challenging the integrity of Wall Street and their corporate cronies.

Selling the book (published by Autonomedia will be available):
wall street in black & white: fotos & text of an occupier
for those of you who cannot attend visit autonomedia.org to purchase Jim’s book

Walking tour (with book peddling) with Jim Costanzo

JIM COSTANZO launched the Aaron Burr Society in the summer of 2008 with performances on Wall Street. This was before the Stock Market Crash that created the International Financial Meltdown which in turn was followed by the Great Recession and the return of strong tendencies towards fascism. As part of the walking tour, Jim will play the People’s Horn and read from his book while commenting on the Common Good & Commonwealth in the context of why Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, the hidden criminality of Wall Street and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Fundraiser for The MEP: $10 / $20 / $30 sliding scale