Multi Month Pass to Bastille Day: July 24, 2021


We are now offering a six month pass for the prices of the previous 4 month passes. If you are paying for yourself and any additional person, you are now able to have two people attend all events, classes or film showings (post-pandemic) that The MEP offers.

There are a number of significant series that are being offered between now and July 24 including a Pluto Fireworks series that begins on January 23 with Marina Sitrin and Colectiva Sembrar on Pandemic Solidarity, a Socialist Register 2021 series beginning January 31 with Greg Albo and Steve Maher with Ursula Huws presenting on capital “Reaping the Whirlwind” of Covid-19, a reading of the Socialist Register anthology Class, Party, Revolution that will begin in the second week of February along with a new series on Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg with the Caribbean Philosophy Association beginning in April, as well as a long term series on Marx and Marxisms being introduced by Palgrave Macmillan this February.

Capital, Volume 1, Reading groups on Marx Dead and Alive, A People’s Guide to Capitalism and The Last Years of Karl Marx. A study group on Engels’ Dialectics of Nature, a demand of returning the heritage of West Africa from the British Museum with a presentation by Dan Hicks on his award-winning The Brutish Museum, the Thursday lit group turning to the fiction around the anti-communist hysteria of the 50s that will look at works by Richard Wright, Robert Coover and others. The return of the Blood and Money series. This pass will gain one entrance into this year’s noir fiction series when it is announced.