Multi Month Pass to December 31, 2021


We are now offering a six month pass for the prices of the previous 4 month passes. If you are paying for yourself and any additional person, you are now able to have two people attend all events, classes or film showings (post-pandemic) that The MEP offers.

There are a number of significant series that are being offered between now and December 31 including the the new Pluto Wildcat series continuing on June 19 with Workers’ Inquiry  with author Robert Ovitz, a new Socialist Register series on Class, Party, Revolution and Capitalism, Technology, Labor, a presentation with John Milios  on Marx’s Inquiry into the Birth of Capitalism on July 10. Marina Prentoulis and David Broder on Left Populism in Europe, a session on Communism, Poetry with Darko Suvin on July 18, and Susanne Soederberg on the political economy of Urban Displacement that will occur on Saturday, August 14 and much more.

A new noir novel series will begin in the summer as well.along with ongoing reading groups on Marx’s Grundrisse and the first volume of Capital, along with a coming reading group on Istvan Meszaros’ The Necessity of Social Control..