Six Month Pass to May 31, 2022


We are now offering a six month pass for the prices of the previous 4 month passes. If you are paying for yourself and any additional person, you are now able to have two people attend all events, classes or film showings (post-pandemic) that The MEP offers. THIS IS REALLY AN 8-MIONTH PASS!

There are a number of significant series that are being offered between now and May 31, 2022 including the the new series on precariousness and a new Gramsci course that began in September.  a new Socialist Register series on Class, Party, Revolution and Capitalism, Technology, Labor, along with a presentation by Mitch Abidor and Anne T. Lawrence on The Bisbee Deportation and Battle of Blair Mountain on October 20,  John Milios visiting on November 6 to discuss Value, Fictitious Capital and Finance and much more.

A women writers on historical change literary series continues through mid-December as ongoing reading groups on Marx’s Grundrisse and the second volume of Capital, along with a coming reading group on Ecosocialism on Mondays, another on Istvan Meszaros’ The Necessity of Social Control later in the year, along with a number of events featuring speakers from around the world.