Irish Resistance Special

A benefit for The Independent and Marxist Education Project
Film / Beer / Food / Music
4pm Film
The Limerick Soviet
a documentary produced by Frameworks Films of Cork, Ireland with the collaborative support of the Limerick Council of Trade Unions
The Limerick Soviet tells the story of a revolution on the streets of Limerick, Ireland in April 1919 when the first soviet in Ireland was declared. It occurred as workers in the city refused the imposition of martial law in Limerick, which had been declared by the police and Brits following the police murder of a trade unionist and IRA member. This hard-line approach by the British authorities backfired and resulted in Limerick workers calling of a general strike and for control of the city to be taken by the workers. The workers then held the city for twelve days before the soviet was broken by the occupying Brit military.
The Limerick Soviet was produced with the support of the Sound and Vision scheme, an initiative of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
For further information on purchasing this and other films from Frameworks, please contact Frameworks Films on 021-4211010, or
Special thanks to Frameworks and the Limerick Council of Trade Unions
5:30 pm (READINGS) from the historyof Irish resistance
6:30 pm (MUSIC) THE BUSY BUSY Celtic Punky and Western

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The Politics of James Joyce and the Easter Rising

A Discussion with author Robert Seidman, moderated by Alex Steinberg

As we approach the anniversary of Leopold Bloom’s peripatetic journey around Dublin we will consider why Joyce matters to radicals and socialists. We will discuss the radicalism of his work and his singular contribution to our understanding of modernity. And nowhere is this more evident than in his masterpiece Ulysses which explores a multitude of themes and genres. The discussion will be led by Robert Seidman. This event is a prelude to the celebration of Bloomsday that is taking place all over the world on June 16.

ROBERT SEIDMAN is a novelist, Emmy-winning screenwriter, and literary critic. With Don Gifford, he is co-author of Ulysses Annotated: An Annotation of James Joyce’s Ulysses, University of California Press, 1988. His recent novel, Moments Captured, based loosely on the work and life of the pioneering nineteenth century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, was published in the U.S. by the Overlook Press in 2012 and in England by Duckworth Press in 2014. One Smart Indian, his novel about a Northern Cheyenne set in mid-nineteenth century America, was published by the Overlook Press in 1980. He co-wrote Margaret Mead: An Observer Observed, a docu-drama about Mead’s life, intellectual contributions, and the creation of her legend. He is co-writer of Waiting for Beckett, which won the Golden Apple of the National Educational Film and Video Festival and the Silver Hugo Award. He also wrote Wallace Stevens: Man Made Out of Words, which appeared in the Voices and Visions series. Seidman was co-writer of Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life, winner of the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Documentary, a George Foster Peabody Award, and the Emmy for Best Documentary, 2007.

ALEX STEINBERG has taught Engels and the Dialectics of Nature and most recently, Spectres of the Dialectic from the Big Bang to the Multiverse in the fall of 2014. He has previously given classes on Hegel and Marxist philosophy and been a presenter at the Left Forum. He has also served on the local and national boards of radio station WBAI.

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