4 Month Pass Offering Through June 15

Support the MEP and save $ for yourself. Four month pass now $50 less than new six month pass!

For a one-time sliding scale fee of $100, $150, or $200 attend any and all classes and events of The Marxist Education Project. For $50 more bring a guest as often as you would like to the classes and events between now and June 15, 2021. We are hosting many new series including a new literature class, MAD Lit 101: American Fiction and the Cold War. A repeat of the popular Blood and Money, Ca reading and discussion group of Hadas Thier’s A People’s Guide to Capitalism, Alex Steinberg will present a multi session series on Engels’ Dialectics of Nature and Quorks and Black Holes, a multi-session series covering the Socialist Register 2021 annual, Beyond Digital Capitalism: New Ways of Living, and  the 4 new events related to the Pluto Press Fireworks Series includes books on Pandemic Solidarity, Exploring Dearth  Reinventing The Welfare State, and Empire’s Endgame on the British State and racism, along with a special presentation by Dan Hicks on The Brutish Museums, on February 16. There are also two other  new series sponsored by Palsgrave on Marx, Engels, and Marxisms along with Rowan and Littlefield’s new Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg series of events. The way the calendar works within our WordPress based site may make this confusing. It is a one-time payment good from now through June 15. You may also use this course as a contribution button to help The MEP get through this challenging Covid-19 period where much of our constituency have lost income and will during the next months lose unemployment compensation without a lengthy extension.