Tout Va Bien: Screening with Discussion

“Tout Va Bien insists on class struggle throughout but is mainly about radicalizing its stars. Their role in the factory is to look and learn. Indeed, Godard and Gorin upped the class-resentment ante by having the striking workers played not by real workers but by unemployed actors.”              —J. Hoberman, for Criterion, Tout Va Bien Revisited

May Made Me

Published on the 50th anniversary of those days in the spring of 68, “May Made Me” presents the legacy of the uprising: how those explosive experiences changed the individuals who participated and their lives as lived since then.

Tales of the 1%: The Organizer

Join us for a discussion of Monicelli’s most political film. In addition to casting Marcello Mastrioanni, Monicelli cast the film with workers from the Turin area and shot on location in one of the area’s huge textile factories. “I wanted to show all of that. The truth about what happens in the working world.”
—Mario Monicelli, interviewed in 2006

Paris, May 1968

This talk will investigate the events May 1968 in France through an analysis of the writings of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the most important and interesting of its leaders, as well as the experiences of rank and file militants