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Degenerate!: Art and the State

...we travel to postwar America, where the elites also held that art should fulfill an ideological (if not overtly political) function, but were politically compelled to denigrate both Nazi and now Soviet control over culture. The CIA worked alongside corporations to install “corporate” non-partisan, inoffensive art that celebrated the individual (i.e. capitalist and not communist) and denigrated anything containing possible, even hinted at, socialist leanings. Abstraction, particularly Abstract Expressionism became their rallying cry.

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Architecture of Doom

Free Film showing of Architecture of Doom at the Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village

Architecture of Doom
119 minutes, color and b/w, 1991
MEP in Libraries
Jefferson Market Library in the Village
425 6th Avenue
Saturday, January 20, 2:30PM with discussion to follow

Never before seen footage of Hitler’s “Degenerate Art” Exhibition, an
experiment in propaganda against Jews and modern artists, that, instead of
repelling the population, drew over 3 million patrons.

The film is a stunning documentary of Nazi art and aesthetics, and how the
state uses, and needs, art to enhance its ideology.

This showing is open to all. It is also and opening to the course Degenerate!: Art and the State which begins on Monday, January 22 at 6 pm at The Brooklyn Commons