Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society’s Book Peddler’s Walking Tour of Wall Street
Meet on the steps of Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street

The Aaron Burr Society is dedicated to exposing the myths of free markets and free trade
while challenging the integrity of Wall Street and their corporate cronies.

Selling the book (published by Autonomedia will be available):
wall street in black & white: fotos & text of an occupier
for those of you who cannot attend visit to purchase Jim’s book

Walking tour (with book peddling) with Jim Costanzo

JIM COSTANZO launched the Aaron Burr Society in the summer of 2008 with performances on Wall Street. This was before the Stock Market Crash that created the International Financial Meltdown which in turn was followed by the Great Recession and the return of strong tendencies towards fascism. As part of the walking tour, Jim will play the People’s Horn and read from his book while commenting on the Common Good & Commonwealth in the context of why Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, the hidden criminality of Wall Street and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Fundraiser for The MEP: $10 / $20 / $30 sliding scale

Beyond Capitalism: Art, Performance & Politics

A presentation by Jim Costanzo (a/k/a the Aaron Burr Society)

In 2008 artist and activist Jim Costanzo began appearing on Wall Street as the Aaron Burr Society, drawing upon a little-known figure from America’s past as a way of critiquing and offering alternatives to the current dysfunctional capitalist system. In this talk illustrated with slides and video, Costanzo will analyze some of the artistic and political interventions he has undertaken, highlighting the Free Money Movement, launched on April Fool’s Day 2009.

The ABS distributed 100 one-dollar bills on Wall Street stamped with “Free Money” on one side and “Slave of New York” on the other. The Federal Reserve Bank was authorized to bail out Wall Street Banks with tax dollars from the 99% that was given as Free Money after the 2008 crash. Government deregulation and the subsequent corporate fraud caused the crash and resulted in people losing their jobs and homes.

In 2013 the Society added another stamp: “Common Good/Commonwealth”. According to the ABS, there are now two choices: either we have Free Money for the Common Good of the 99% paid for by the nation’s Commonwealth, or we can continue to be Slaves of Wall Street with unending bailouts for the 1%. Today the Common Good would include environmental sustainability based on economic and social justice.

Jim Costanzo continues to work with Occupy Wall Street working groups Strike Debt and Making Worlds based on the Commons. He has participated on panels organized by the Union for Radical Political Economics and the Eastern Sociology Society, and was a presenter at the Public Banking Institute conference “Funding the New Economy.” He recently helped organize and participated in panels for Free University’s “Decolonize Climate Justice” initiative.

Suggested donation: $6 / $10 / $15
No one turned away for inability to pay