Multi-Month Pass: now through December 31, 2020

Support the MEP and save $ for yourself.

For a one-time sliding scale fee of $150, $200, or $250 attend any and all classes and events of The Marxist Education Project. For $50 or $75 more bring a guest as often as you would like to the classes and events between now and December 31, 2020. Our Summer noir series is about to begin with four novels from which the four films we will view were based upon—Odd Man Out, The Killing, Shoot the Piano Player and The Friends of Eddie Coyle. We are continuing the Capital, Volume 3 course into the new season. In addition there will be classes on Racialiized Capital, The French Revolution, The Invention of the White Race, and a new Capital, Volume 1 class.

The way the calendar works within our WordPress based site may make this confusing. It is a one-time payment good from now through December 31, 2020. You may also use this course as a contribution button to help The MEP get through this challenging Covid-19 period where much of our constituency have lost income and will during the next months lose unemployment compensation without a lengthy extension/.