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Our first years have presented many challenges: to keep alive a center for non-sectarian Marxist Education in New York City. That challenge was not only met but the work continues to move forward. After sustaining more than six years of classes and events, there is now the real possibility of grounding the work of the Marxist Education Project, thereby not only continuing but also expanding the educational programming.

The MEP fundraising goal for 2022 remains $22,000. With Covid19 our costs are somewhat reduced but we still need to maintain our website, keep office space along with multiple other administrative and logistical expenses. Since noting the 150 years since Marx published Volume 1 of Capital we are now entering a period of having had four Capital study groups last term. January of 2020 marked 45 years of Marxist education as begun at the first site of the Marxist Education Collective establishing space in the West Village above Jimmy Day’s bar on Barrow Street. Your donation of $10, $50, $75, $100, $250 or $500 will help more firmly establish the Marxist Education Project: a project committed to principled, non-sectarian Marxist education and left dialogue. With your support the MEP can continue to provide spaces where activist-intellectuals can develop as politically and historically conscious individuals able to sustain the ups and downs of struggle, grow stronger and advance not only a meaningful opposition to capitalism but also make confident steps towards building a diverse and unified movement with a clear vision for advancing a socialist future in New York City and beyond. If you would like to donate at different amount you checks or money orders can be sent payable to MEPA to:

388 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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