Canyons of Doom: A stroll between the dark towers of the Finance Capital


Saturday, May 9 from 11am to 2pm

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The walking and talking begins in front of Federal Hall (corner of Wall and Nassau Streets) at 11 am
This walking tour is a benefit for the Marxist Education Project. Please contribute what you can.

Alongside and underneath the well-known historic sites of Lower Manhattan, like Federal Hall, are many other histories that are ignored or hidden — such as the site of the original slave market, just down the street from the Stock Exchange.

Aaron Burr (a/k/a artist and activist Jim Costanzo) and co-conspirator Lisa Maya Knauer will lead you on a walking tour that travels 400 years, from the first encounters between Native Americans and Dutch settlers, to Occupy Wall Street, highlighting the unmarked sites, the untold narratives, and offering alternative readings of the official histories.

Jim Costanzo created the persona of the Aaron Burr Society in 2008, as a critique of the financial system. He continues to work with Occupy Wall Street working groups Strike Debt and Making Worlds based on the Commons.

Lisa Maya Knauer was a founder of the New York Marxist School and assists with the Marxist Education Project who moonlights as a tenured radical. She and Jim met doing activist cultural work in the 1980s, and they were founders of the REPOhistory artists’ collective, devoted to retrieving and resituating lost or marginalized historical narratives through site-specic artwork


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