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Socialist Register 2022 — Polarization and Socialism: The Direction Forward

Sun, May 15, 2022 @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$7 – $34

with Greg Albo, Sam Gindin, Adolph and Touré Reed, James Schneider and Hilary Wainwright participating in the concluding session of this  this four-session series

It is a truism that electoral politics and political identity in the USA and Europe today are polarized to a degree unknown since the 1930s. It is a commonplace among the pundits of the ruling class that somehow “both sides” must return to “moderate” common sense to avoid a violent rupture of our society. They seldom question the underlying causes of this polarization, let alone whether it is rooted in the very nature of late capitalism.

This is not the case with the contributors to the 58th volume of Socialist Register. From different perspectives, they ask us to think about the deep social contradictions exposed by increasing polarization of the most economically developed societies along lines of wealth, race, gender, nation-state, and region. Members of this class meet once each month for four months to discuss selected articles from SR 58 with editor Greg Albo, joined by various authors organized around the following themes on one Sunday a month from February 20 through May 115, 2022.

The two remaining single sessions will each have a separate ordering position on the website as well. Please pay attention to the international time changes that are not in sync and will occur during the duration of this series.


May 15 • Polarization and Socialism: The Direction Forward

Finding a Way Forward: Lessons from the Corbyn Project  with James Schneider and Hilary Wainwright • American Workers and the Left after Trump with Sam Gindin • The Evolution of Race under Neoliberalism with Adolph and Touré Reed

This year’s Socialist Register presentations are presented in honor of Leo Panitch

LEO PANITCH • 1945-2020 / All of us at The Marxist Education Project appreciate all that Leo did and is continuing to do following his untimely death one year ago this past December. This series which begins on February 20 is presented in his memory as it represents a few of the many fruits that still spring from the myriad seeds that Leo has planted

A limited number of Socialist Register 58 books are available from the MEP, SR58 is also available in print and digital forms from MR Press in the US, Merlin Press in the UK, and from Fernwood Press in Canada, or from the Socialist Register website.