MEP Privacy Policy

The Marxist Education Project (MEP) is a  nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of New York. In order to conduct its educational activities, the MEP may request on enrollment forms and maintain on file some limited personal contact information. The MEP does not sell, trade, or otherwise share personal contact information with any outside party.

By enrolling for any course, one-time event, multi-session pass, or other the MEP offering,  you are granting to the MEP, and to the instructor or moderator of the course or event as stated in the description, permission to contact you with information specifically relevant to the activity for which you have enrolled. You are also authorizing the MEP to contact you from time to time with information about other MEP offerings as well as general news about the MEP activities. 

You also agree not to contact or cause others to contact the MEP instructors/moderators or other enrollees outside of the specific program or event activities without their permission. Complaints made to the MEP about unsolicited contact may result in your removal from MEP programs.

You may at any time opt out of further contact with the MEP (and/or any instructor or moderator) by sending an email to requesting that your name be removed from our contact lists. Please allow up to five (5) business days for us to remove your contact information.

The MEP routinely records all of its programs and events. These recordings are the property of the MEP, and may not be copied or modified without the MEP’s express permission.

  • In the case of multi-session courses of study, as a convenience to registered participants, MEP instructors or moderators may share the recordings of individual class sessions with the registered participants for purposes of review. These recordings are password-protected and are never posted for public viewing. You agree not to share these recordings with anyone outside the registered participants. Violation of this agreement may result in your removal from MEP programs.
  • In the case of “public” events such as one-off lectures, panel discussions, book talks, etc., the MEP reserves the right to post edited recordings on public media sites such as YouTube or Vimeo and on the MEP’s social media pages. If you choose to appear on video and/or offer spoken questions or comments, you are granting the MEP permission for your interaction to appear in the posted recording.
as of 1/28/23